Job Descriptions

DJ’s (Disc Jockey) (will have to share account) – Responsible for the broadcast of their own shows on the three respective feeds. DJ’s in Radio Bison Kansas One and Radio Bison Kansas Two Tunes are allowed to play music on those feeds while DJ’s in Radio Bison Kansas Three Otaku are prohibited from playing music on that feed. DJ’s on Radio Bison Kansas One and Radio Bison Kansas Three Otaku are also required to broadcast at certain times of day news on the service. DJ’s on Radio Bison Kansas are also required to broadcast non-otaku related news as well in their newscasts.

News Reporters – Responsible for reporting the news stories on the Radio Bison Kansas Networks. Reports to the News Director. This position is good for Journalism Students that are training. (News reporters are required to record their pieces on mp3 for broadcasting and send to the News section of the site.)

News Anchors (Will have DJ Account that they have to share.) – In addition to News Reporter duties, Anchors the Newscast on the Radio Bison Kansas Networks.

News Directors – Leaders of the News Divisions of the Radio Bison Kansas News Network. One News Director is in charge of the Otaku News (Anime News, Otaku News, and Manga News). One News Director is in charge of the National and International News. One News Director is in charge of the local news. This position is good for people who work in Journalism in the last 10 to 15 years.

Weatherman – Does the forecasts for the Radio Bison Kansas Networks. A meteorology degree for this position is highly recommended. Broadcast at independent times as well as major newscasts on Radio Bison Kansas One.

Sports Reporters – Reports and Covers Sports on Radio Bison Kansas. More details will be sent to the sports reporters when we get coverage as well.

Sales – Sells Ads for the Radio Bison Kansas Stations.

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